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Our Story

Founded in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany in 1874, Rieker originally produced shoes for the affluent citizens of Northern Italy.

The company soon gained a reputation for quality and has built itself into a household name in Central Europe. The company has been family owned for 5 generations and its commitment to quality and style has ensured continuous growth for 30 years.

At the beginning of the 1970's new headquarters were set up in Switzerland and production moved away from Europe. Today Rieker employs approximately 20,000 people, especially in Morocco, Slovakia, Tunisia and Vietnam, where the company's own production facilities are located.

We provide Rieker shoes and accessories to around 9,000 independent retailers, mainly in Europe.

Rieker antistress footwear is unique. To maintain the integrity of its special constructions, together with the flexibility to respond quickly to fashion trends, virtually everything Rieker sells is made by Rieker.

Our company

Discover the heritage and innovation of Rieker Shoe Corporation USA on their "Our Company" page. Established in Southern Germany in 1874, Rieker began by crafting shoes for Northern Italy's elite. Known for quality, the family-owned brand expanded across Central Europe. With a move to Switzerland in the 1970s, Rieker now employs around 20,000 globally, producing unique antistress footwear. Supplying approximately 9,000 European retailers, Rieker's commitment to style, quality, and comfort shines through in every product